A Safe and Simple way to build a 5 Star Reputation on Autopilot, without ever having to worry about negative reviews being posted online. 

We launched this system to give control back to business owners.

Review sites over the years have started to hold business owners hostage. Because of this a systematic process was needed to follow the rules while protecting the business. It has taken us many years to get a system and platform in place, but it is here and priced for all businesses...
Mike Clay, Founder Clay Digital
About RepSafeGuard
RepSafeGuard has two distinct parts. 
1. It is an online portal software that gives business owners the ability to easily manage and improve their online reputation and presence. 
2. A marketing strategy that allows business owners to use positive reviews to build a referral system that generates leads. 
How to Get It.
RepSafeGuard is offered and Sold through Clay Digital Consulting as part of monthly marketing packages. 

Get In Touch
You can contact us at Clay.Digital

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